Nine Years of TTEM

TTEM was formed in 2005 – before social media took off.  The main two purposes were to have a multi=modality site where people could interact in a friendly and respectful way.  The web then, as now, being dominated by “my paradigm is the best” fora/places.  On the other hand I think web etiquette has improved.

Nine years later we have nigh on 12,000 posts, over 80 members, and getting on for 100,000 hits (whatever that means lol) per month  – purely by word of mouth. I never once promoted TTEM.  In the meantime social media has exploded and most people are far too busy keeping up with Facebook and twitter feeds (and their pages/feeding) to have much time for foruming.  We live in a world of digital overload.

Sections have come and gone. We had a very active section on The Now when that was big 🙂 However I think “now” is a misleading concept for many people (one still comes across people trying not to think of the past or future 🙁 … Tolle himself tends to use the much better word Presence these days.  The earthing section is a recent addition … little feedback from folks in forum but many people are benefitting 🙂

Someone recently referred to TTEM as “your blog” – well over the years the percentage contribution from me has increased – and in a way it was become something of a blog/feed with notable exceptions when some of the old friends show up 🙂

One of the problems of the sheer mass of content is the – er – sheer mass of content.  There are real real diamonds in those 12,000 posts – but it’s a hell of a job to find them.

The purpose of this blog is to post about key angles of interest and my observations when I come across them. Having read all those 12,000 posts the thing that strikes me is that “everything is connected”.  Now one hears this espoused all the time – but folks behaviours belie this – I know that certain sections of the forum will get more views than others – but sections are only there for convenience.

Anyway in a world of digital overload let’s see whether more snowflakes are useful or whether TTEM should just slide into old age as a repository, an old attic, of all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff 🙂