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Author Topic: Life After the State - Domonic Frisby  (Read 3221 times)
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Life After the State - Domonic Frisby
« on: 12 August 2014 »

Looks good smiley

Have you ever had the nagging feeling that the problems the country faces are spiraling out of control, that the government has lost its way and that, despite its promises, nothing ever changes? Well, you're right. In every instance where government gets involved in people's lives with a desire to do good, it can always be relied on to make the situation much, much worse. Yet despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we imagine that a world without the state would be a wild and terrifying place. With wit and devastating clarity of argument, Frisby shows in this book that human nature proves the opposite to be true. Welcome to Life After the State. "Dominic Frisby has gone and done something extraordinary: written a page-turner on the economy. It's both readable and radical, a serious book that is, by turn, fascinating, alarming and contentious. At times, the book makes you want to shout its message from the rooftops; at others, it just makes you want to shout. Life after the State challenges so much of what we take for granted. It is a wake-up call for politicians, economists and us all, written with clarity, verve and, more than that, the restless passion of an intelligent, inquisitive malcontent. Read it."

James Harding, once editor of The Times now Director of BBC News and Current Affairs

At last!
By Hunter on 27 Nov 2013
Format: Paperback
Long have I felt that the 'system' that is forced upon us simply doesn't work. It is inefficient, self-serving and corrupt. The situation is steadily getting worse as taxpayers are forced by Government to support 'rent-takers' and 'zombie' organisations. This book is thought provoking and eye opening, and should be read by all. I truly hope that it starts to make a difference.


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Exposes the scam of the client state - and provides answers
By D. Black on 21 Nov 2013
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
An eminently readable book - exposing the destructive nature of socialism and the client state. Frisby correctly makes a clear distinction between the free market (true capitalism) and "crony capitalism" - that situation we presently have in the Western World where we, the taxpayers live by the rules of the free-market but the banksters, many politicians, and large corporations do not - they are subsidised by us, the hard-working, honest tax-payers.

A great advantage Frisby has is that he is not a formally educated economist, yet he is well-read on the reality of the subject and is clearly intelligent. This makes for an easily understandable and widely informative work.

There are four parts to the book: 1) The Rise of the Monster (excess government / the state); 2) Money and Tax: Why You'll Never Be One of the 1%; 3) Pillars of the State (NHS / "Education" / etc); 4) Towards life after the State. They (all 4 parts) are most interesting and informative.

The most profound (short) paragraph in the book (to me) is on page 91 and reads thus: "It is government control of money that makes these wars possible. 'Without the money-counterfeiting tool of government,' wrote American economist E.C. Riegel in 1949, 'there could be no war except by popular mandate, because the price would have to be consciously and immediately paid. The would-be war-maker first of all conquers and subdues his own people by the narcotic of counterfeit money. If the people would hold the veto power of war, they must deny to their government the power to counterfeit money'. "

This work is revelatory and is essential reading - I wish I had had it available as a young man. I have given copies to each of my children (over 16) and hope they read it - it will make life so much more understandable to them - and thus give them greater direction in life.

A great book. If it has one fault it is that Frisby is too easy on the "elite". He does not define who they are, EXACTLY. Neither does he expose the scam of PRIVATE central banks controlling interest rates and the issuance of money. I know some of you say that our BoE is publicly owned - it is not - it is a scam - it is really controlled by a certain elite - just as The Fed, The ECB, The IMF, The BIS are. Have no doubt about that. I leave you with one question (that Frisby did not really address): why is it, if we do indeed own the BoE, why is it that we are shackled by interest payments to this body. Why don't we just cancel the debt to ourselves? Just like Iceland did - successfully - but the banker-controlled mainstream media do not want you know about that, do they. Hmmmmmmmmm....?
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Remember when you were young...
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Re: Life After the State - Domonic Frisby
« Reply #1 on: 13 August 2014 »

A good interview with Domonic here -

Its interesting that so many comedians (he is, Russell Brand) on the case of this madness right now. I guess as you need to be able to laiugh or you would cry.

Some very good points. My standouts

- our biggest purchase over our lives is not a house its the state

- AJP Taylor in his history of England 1914-45 started by saying that pre-1914 the average Englishman would have two contacts over his life with the State - the local bobby and the post office [compoare that to now!]. You could travel abroad without a passport, no restrictions on currency you could take etc etc.

- if the govt had stuck to the gold standard WW1 woiuld be over by Xmas. Wars are the major use of debt.

- one-way increase in complexity and scale of the state. Illegeal not to comply - but eg 80% teenagers have tried some kind of drug (so are in the states eyes criminal).  You are obliged to fiollow the tax code - all 11,000pp of it (written in uncleear fashion) - and 45,000pp in the US.  [MB: Only a madman would think that makes sense]

- we live in what he calls crony captialism - not all people are equal (eg bankers got bailed out but not the mortgage holders)

Very worthwhile
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